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Lukas Lebovitz Propulsion Academy has been a great experience and helped me approach the career that I’ve been heading for. In addition to my recent Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich, this coding bootcamp made the difference and opened new opportunities. The course focuses on very relevant topics and skills with the goal to make the candidates attractive for employers in the field of software development. With a set curriculum and competent supervision, an environment for fast and high quality learning is provided. On top of all, the Propulsion Academy team puts emphasis on networking opportunities and guide the students in the process of figuring out the next step in their career. The curriculum was very good but still had room for improvement here and there. The instructors' quality vary but is generally very good. The founder of Propulsion Academy is behind this project with all his heart and puts a lot of individual attention and consultation to each student during the course. Thanks to the bootcamp I landed a software engineering position and I would've never passed the interview without Propulsion Academy. I also feel like I had a kickstart on my new job, thanks to the very relevant curriculum. I enjoyed the nostalgia from the classroom experience and bonding with very interesting people who have similar goals.
Enrico I would strongly recommend the Data Science course offered by Propulsion Academy. The course is very valuable, well-structured and it allows you to gain practical experiences in different areas of Data Science. The instructors are truly competent and their guidance allows you to rapidly and efficiently move through your first steps in the wide and complex domain of Data Science. The final capstone project further provides students with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their developed skills towards potential employers. The school’s high reputation and its growing professional network are also critical factors for a successful career development after the course. I particularly enjoyed developing my own project from complex company data. It was a challenging experience, highly rewarding given the results obtained and greatly motivating for my future career in Data Science.