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Alex G WCCI greatly exceeded my expectations. The instructors are clearly passionate about clean code and helping us learn. They are very, very good at what they do, always nudging us towards a clearer understanding of concepts rather than just giving us the answers. Ben taught test-driven design (TDD), which is not only a valuable body of skills but a rare one. Since graduation I’ve observed that TDD is often little more than a buzzword at many companies. But I came out of the program knowing unit testing and integration testing like the back of my hand, and it makes the code all the more maintainable and easier to read. (TDD just happened to tip the scales in my favor when I got my first job out of boot camp. The onsite technical evaluation was literally two hours of Jest testing as I solved a kata for the proctor. Two hours!) The career guidance is priceless—you just can’t find that kind of local information on the internet, and working with Lacey to polish my resume and prepare for interviews was an absolute joy. One thing I should add is that the program is very much oriented towards learning by doing, and the emphasis was on building high-quality, clean apps as quickly as possible. This came at the expense of say formal knowledge testing or theory, which are by no means trivial; I say this because of the 100+ positions I applied for, quite a few employers grilled me on Java theory and object-oriented theory. This is something to be aware if you plan to apply to companies known for quizzing applicants on theory, and there certainly are plenty of those around town. JP Morgan Chase is one of them. I wouldn't say this is a shortcoming of the program, but a recruiter from one consultancy downtown said that in his experience, WCCI grads are strong on practice, weak on theory. Anyway, the environment at WCCI is supportive, and the expert curation and guidance make this place worth every penny. I also made friends with my classmates, which was especially important since I had moved to Ohio two months before taking the course.