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Fouad Aabid I have now been working for 2 different companies in Switzerland as a data scientist over the past 1.5 years and this program played a major role in this. The program itself provides a fantastic curriculum that gives you a whole picture of the data science field. Our mentors helped us throughout the course not only with technical aspects but also encouraged us and gave us rock-solid advice. The mock interviews personally helped me understand what to expect in data science interviews and the career coaches are helpful in preparing students in that regard. The material that we covered was comprehensive and gave a deep understanding of the fundamentals of machine learning and data science in general. Highly knowledgeable, truly dedicated instructors and TAs instructors, with external experts in their own fields that provided crucial added-value with their industry-oriented mindset. Overall, super nice, friendly and patient team, very supportive environment, and the batch of students was filled with motivated learners with a curious mind. Super satisfied with my 12 weeks there, joining the adventure was one of the boldest decision I had taken in recent years, but it was definitely worth it.