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Anonymous Northcoders provides an incredible supportive environment, I learned so much during the 12 weeks and couldn't have done it without all their support! The career support was also great and helped me to find a job very quickly after. It's hard work, but it's very worth it!
Christopher Mills NorthCoders hand-hold you to the point where you make a fully-working application with a web-based front-end. When I was there, they taught you the fundamentals of JavaScript before you delved into databases and building a RESTful API for an Express router. Then, you used the exposed API to hook into a front-end framework, which for me was ReactJS. One criticism: you're buggered if you don't know basic HTML and CSS because without it you won't be able to grok what React's replacing and how it all fit together. For the final three weeks you drink a lot of coffee and produce a working project, and if you've any sense, this is with a different stack. And because you've gone through it all, you suddenly realise you're grappling with a new stack on your own. That's what something like NorthCoders teaches you: the frameworks may be dead in 5 years but the skills you learn in a short space of time are incredible. Way more useful than my degree... ...which was three times the price... ...and which I'm still doing... ...and never seems to end...