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Andrés Domínguez I was 31 when I decided to take a break in my life and make a career change that i always wanted: to become a web developer and be able to worm as a developer or create my own projects and digital products. After many years working as a digital marketing specialist and digital project manager, it was no longer just a personal need, but also a professional one. I did a Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp at Reboot Academy attracted by its syllabus, I considered their stack much more complete than other bootcamps, and I also highly appreciated the design modules with topics such as Design Thinking, UX / UI and yoga / movement sessions in the morning. The bootcamp itself was the challenge that I was already waiting for, but thanks to the help of the teachers in the classes and labs, everything turned out to be easy to understand and learn. My favorite part of the bootcamp was completing the projects at the end of each module because I was able to turn some ideas I had in mind into reality and create my own apps. The facilities are very comfortable, they include a spacious kitchen and dining room, a gym for health classes with showers and even lockers! The result is that it has changed my life forever, I could fulfill my dream of learning to program and make a change in my professional career. That's why I recommend Reboot Academy to anyone who wants to learn how to program and boost their professional careers.