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Anonymous I came to this school to get a job in the tech industry. After 1.5 years I was able to land a great job at a big company paying me more money than I'd ever seen in my life. 42 starts off by screening people who really want to be there by having a monthlong piscine where you have to prove you are serious about learning to program before they will admit you to the FREE program that has 0 teachers or lectures and FREE housing. The program worked well for me. After completing many 42 projects and then learning different frameworks outside of the curriculum as well as building out side projects, I was ready to get a job. I was able to get a well paying job with the skills I taught myself here in the environment they provided. They even brought the employer into the school to talk with us. If you have motivation to make it happen for yourself and self discipline to study and submit assignments without a teacher and classes, come join the program. You should be able to find work after you have a few projects under your belt in a year or 2. If you're a whiner that complains about FREE dorms and education when people get into debt to learn this stuff at college, then don't come here. Colleagues at the company I work at carry student loans from CS degrees and make less than me. So many people who started 42 around the same time as me with the mentality that they are going to figure it out learned to become great programmers and lots of them have good jobs with bright futures.