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Emily Turner My whole experience of Northcoders was really enjoyable and I learned so much in a short space of time. The tutors were friendly and patient, so that I always felt ok asking for help. In class a lot of ideas were explained through live coding, which I think helped me pick up coding ideas more easily. Completing the final three-week project was a challenge, but it gave me confidence to contribute to a team and work with new tech. I now draw upon this confidence in my new job. Initially I wasn't sure whether I should self-learn instead, because I had done a lot of coding before for data science. I'm now really glad I didn't do that. It would have taken a lot longer to make the career change and I wouldn't have had the experience of pair coding, support, and friendship that I got in NC.
Jessica Bailey Northcoders was one of the best decisions I made. After learning to code in my spare time for a couple of years and attending multiple meet-ups, I decided I wanted to make the career change from project management to software development. I previously assumed I would have to go back to university to study but after asking the advice of current developers I eventually discovered Northcoders. From the day I applied, Northcoders supported me through onboarding and studying for the entry challenge (really important as it helps you discover if coding is really what you want to do!). The course was brilliant - it teaches you everything you need to be a Junior Developer and a bit more. The tutors are really supportive and relatable (they themselves have completed the course). The careers support was also really invaluable - the interviews were all arranged for you and I managed to find work after a couple of weeks!