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Diana Diaz

Larry Apke's The Job Hackers Agile MBA bootcamp is not just process knowledge but also a multi-disciplinary approach for implementation of Agile and, backed up with his real life experience. Larry is exceedingly engaging, approachable, funny, and passionate about this topic, and it comes through. His breath of knowledge is impressive, backed by extensive, diverse research. The slides, graphics, TEDTalks, YouTube videos, and books kept me committed and riveted. Don't worry if you're not in software development, I am in biotech and the content is transferable, relatable. The group was very engaged in the Chat exchanging ideas, suggesting additional resources, ideas, opinions, and the wonderful moderators, Ed and Jim, were funny and attentive monitoring/answering Q&A real time. I also signed up for the additional, helpful, Friday work group for small group discussion, networking, and test questions practice. Larry generously shares all of this for free as a non-profit. He's created not only a curriculum but also a Community. The Job Hackers Slack group includes advice on test prep, resume review, job leads, opportunities to pay-it-forward, reading list suggestions and so much more. Highly recommended!

Kalyani Muppidi This is such an amazing experience! Larry is really passionate about the agile and has an extensive experience in the software field and that made the class very engaging. His anecdotes and stories made the class very lively. Edward was great in moderating the chat and making sure all the questions are answered.