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in my opinion the course is well structured from the basis until the development from complex applications. In adition to that, I appreciate that the professor Tony and the mentors were always commitment during the lectures and very active by supporting the students during the projects. Obviously like in every learning process the student muss put his own effort, but if you are motivated to learn a new programming language, passionated on fullstack development this course is for you.

Jonathan Lutz I recently finished this boot camp, batch #5 overall and the first batch to be hosted in Bali, Indonesia. Before attending this bootcamp, I had been learning Javascript / web development on my own by following Udemy, Youtube videos, and Treehouse courses. While those are all good resources, I couldn't believe how much my programming skills improved during the 9 weeks at Tortuga. I made more progress during those 9 weeks than I had made in 5 months of studying independently. The other students in my batch were great, and came from a wide array of backgrounds and experience levels. We did a lot of team / pair programming work that forced me out of my comfort zone at times, but was excellent preparation for the real world. The projects that we completed were very interesting and followed a smooth progression in difficulty and complexity. The lead instructor (Tony) did a great job with breaking down the more difficult concepts of programming and explaining them in a way that I could understand. There were also 2 assistant instructors that helped me out a lot when I got stuck on something. The course has a good, logical structure that teaches the right concepts in the right order so that it all starts to come together and make sense eventually. I found the course portal that contains all of the lesson notes and learning materials to be very helpful and still refer back to it frequently. Just like any course or program, what you get out of it will be proportional to what you put into it. If you give it your best effort I think you can learn a tremendous amount in a short period of time. I definitely feel like it was worth coming to Tortuga and had a great experience studying there. Big thanks to the Tortuga crew for the hard work and support!
Ken Sabet After a 20 year hiatus from the tech industry, I wanted to return to web development. I did an exhaustive search and compared many different universities as well as Bootcamps around the world. I had programming experience and wanted a top notch program that focused on the M.E.R.N. stack. I applied and was accepted by several organizations but chose Tortuga Coders. Am I glad I did! I spent 2 months in Bali attending the Tortuga program which was developed by the owner and instructor Tony Russo. Tony is highly experienced developer and an even better instructor. His ability to impart information in a clear and logical way is second to none. He has developed a very comprehensive, well presented and professional program that is thorough and complete. Whether you have no previous experience or you are a senior developer, you will find the program is intense enough to be challenging and yet presented in a very simple and easy to follow way! Tortuga Coders is more than just a bootcamp. It is a family, my newest family. Angela, the Marketing and Administrative director is one of the kindest and funniest people I’ve met. Not only does she help with Visa prep and other tasks, she is always prepared to share all the great places for food. Thank you Angela and Tony and everyone that made this one of the most pleasant learning experiences of my life. I strongly recommend Tortuga Coders whether you want to start as a junior developer or you’re a senior developer looking to switch to a full stack environment.