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Carlos Parks Before I found Practicum by Yandex, I tried to figure out HTML, CSS, and javascript all on my own. However, I never quite managed it; after about one hour of reading IT articles, my head was ready to explode from all the information. I got a basic understanding of the course after only a couple of classes because the explanations were very clear and conceivable. Online platform is a very handy way to learn. If I continue understanding the material without my head exploding, I will have no problem buying the paid part of the course.
Patrick Tedder I feel like this course has been extremely beneficial for a fairly new coding student such as myself. The information was easy to retain mainly due to the in depth tasks and repetition throughout each chapter. It teaches at a pace that is easy to follow, it keeps my attention and focuses on solving real problems. Great job!
Tracy Miles I think the course works well for the knowledge it pertains to. I love the humor you include in all the pop up windows. It holds my attention and makes me want to continue. The instructions are very easy to follow and make it difficult to fail. What a wonderful course!