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Benjamin Schneider I've taken quite a few courses at Noble Desktop and found it extremely enlightening and informative. The instructors are great and the class size is perfect. The books provide excellent material to revisit even after you complete the certificate programs. Noble Desktop provides the computers, both Mac and PC. One great point is you can retake the class for free, even if you've completed the course previously. This allows you to keep your knowledge up to date without spending a lot of money. The overall product is worth the tuition costs.
Jessica Sepulveda Last year at the beginning of the year, I had set a goal for myself to learn a new skill. I decided that with my interest in Computers and my creativity, I wanted to learn a useful skill, therefore I said to myself, "why not learn how to code?" I began researching many coding schools that would provide in-person training. I am comfortable learning online, however, being that this was a totally new area for me, I really wanted a coding school that would be thorough, flexible, and well-taught. Thankfully I came across Noble Desktop. I took four courses with Noble Desktop; Web Development 1 and 2, Intro to Git, and Flexbox/ CSS. I have to say I learned so much. I was very lucky to have excellent instructors, especially David. I felt so prepared with excellent foundation skills, that I decided to go for a Masters in Computer Sciences. I thank Amit and David for really being incredibly helpful throughout my learning experience. Noble Desktop gave me the confidence to pursue a career in Tech, even while working as a teacher full-time.