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Anis Memon 12-week course in full-stack development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Express, React, MongoDB and Firebase). 9am-5pm five days a week with 8 weekend projects plus a month-long capstone project that addresses specific needs of real groups in the community. BCA provides an excellent foundation in JavaScript and web development, with plenty of practice in front-end and back-end design. While there is no coding prerequisite for the course, it is very rigorous and BCA highly recommends taking some time to get familiar with the three main languages they teach before joining the course. The weekend projects really help solidify the material covered, and the lengthy capstone projects, which are real projects submitted by local organizations, pull everything together in meaningful and unpredictable ways. The instructors and support staff are outstanding: clear, detailed, and always available to assist. There are weekly career workshops and exposure to local hiring partners, plus one-on-one career and resume counselling with a brilliant, caring mind in the field. The demo day at the end of the course brings in hiring partners as well as other area development organizations to see the capstone presentations and get better acquainted with each of the student teams. The coding foundation they provide is thorough and meaningful, but is only part of what BCA offers: their goal is to grow the local talent pool and make the community aware of how developers can help to enrich and expand the way businesses and organizations operate. BCA is about developing coders who are an integral part of the community.