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A W I thrive in self paced online classes, so this was a perfect course platform for me. I was motivated by the timeline and points accumulation that shows your progress. I had a slow start at first because I could not dedicate 8 hours a day (my preferred learning time reserve) but eventually as I got through the program I was so excited to finish that every hour became more productive than the last. There is a lot of community support through Slack, and there are A LOT of questions already answered in forums so I could almost always find answers to my questions in real time by being resourceful. I have not yet landed a job but I am working on a few freelance projects. I still use the site for continuing education - I'm addicted to earning more credentials. They also have a referral program so you can receive a discount on the monthly or annual costs by referring new students. If you decide to sign up, use my referral link