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Josh Downs As a career changer, jumping into a course like this was a bit scary, and definitely a huge risk. Quitting my job, dropping a decent sum of money, and not working for three months is a big ask when you have kids, but the folks over at BCA were always there to help, and figure out ways to make it happen. They have been incredibly supportive of me from the beginning, and even now, two weeks out of the course being over they are still working with everyone to find jobs, continue learning, or just chat if the need presents itself. The course was fast paced, challenging, and loaded with information. I really enjoyed the projects we covered, and I felt like they solidified a lot of the concepts we were learning in the course. This was especially apparent with the capstone project. Being able to work with real world clients on real problems was huge, and gave me a solid footing when jumping into this new career path. I can't express how happy I am that I took this course, and would recommend it over and over again!