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Javier Fernandez Suarez My course at Belgrave Valley was great. The instructors are full of energy and passion and you end up taking this from them. At BV, I discovered the incredible world of Data Science and I learned so much about Python, SQL and statistics. I especially like their practical approach just focusing on the Data Science areas that actually matters on the industry. Another key point was their Careers lectures, I feel that they prepared me well for the job market helping me with my CV, cover letter and interviews preparation. To mention a caveat, I was one of the earliest students at the bootcamp and I know some of recent students that have describe me the current curriculum and it is much better than the one that I had. Thanks Belgrave Valley :)
Pol I was part of the first batch at Belgrave Valley and the entire experience exceed all my expectations! I had a good SQL knowledge before starting the course but I didn't know Python and Machine Learning at all. Throughout the programe I added those skills to my curriculum and allow me to land a job in London 1 month after finishing the bootcamp. What I wasn't expecting was to learn many other things not related to the world of data that help me a lot on my personal and professional life. The fact that from day one you live with your teachers who work as Data Analyst and Data Scientist at the top starts up in London as well as previous students adds a lot of value to the experience and makes the difference with other bootcamps. This being said, you have to work very hard during 2 months, mornings and afternoons 6 days a week otherwise finding a job can be tricky. If you are willing to work hard I can guarantee you will find a job!