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Anonymous I'm a beta tester for the Practicum by Yandex on the Data Scientist Track. The strengths of the program lie in their real-life data, real-industry data tasks and systematic curriculum. I like the way they stipulate the research question at the beginning of each lesson, then give a summary of how the lesson will help learners decipher that question via data analysis. The big question at the beginning will then be divided into smaller tasks with corresponding data analysis lessons. They wrap up the lesson by pointing out how the learner's progress has helped to answer the question and what the next steps are. I find this process very helpful and exciting since it makes me act as if I was a real data scientist. A special shout-out for the technical support team, teaching assistant and community managers for being so responsive, attentive and friendly (they always put a smiling icon after their explanation/message) to learners' theoretical questions as well as their challenges in coding or keeping up with the learning process. There were some points during the process I thought I could have given up had there not been their timely support and encouragement. There are two things I think the platform can improve to help learners excel more in their work: the use of English language and adding more theories. I am not a native English speaker, sometimes I found it difficult to understand what the instructions are on the platform since their English syntaxes sound unfamiliar to me. I also hope to get more theories on data science. Since it's still in its testing period, I believe the team will soon fix all these bumpy issues and the new generation of learners will have the best learning experience as they can!