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Anonymous The projects are absolutely the most important part of this program for me. They force you to go deep into the material instead of just skimming it and thinking you got it. You get feedback while submitting the projects, and asked to fix and/or explain anything that's unclear. They also face you with the kind of issues you run into while working in real life and make you solve them by yourself, while still offering help if you need it. I was able to start using the material we learned in the program in my actual work after the second project already.
James Ryan I've been a student of the Web Developer Course at Practicum by Yandex since February and it's levelled my skills up beyond belief. I completed the Responsive Web Design Certificate at freeCodeCamp last year and found the lessons really helpful but it was so tough to transform what I'd learned into professional-looking websites based off a handful of user stories which is all you're given for the projects. On the Practicum course you're given professionally designed Figma files and design systems so you know exactly what you need to create. Another thing, when I was studying the freeCodeCamp curriculum I felt like I was on my own. I know that have a community on Gitter and it's my fault that I didn't engage with it more but with Practicum it's different - you go through the course with a cohort and you have support from the Practicum team and your fellow students throughout. It's a different experience. The course is broken down into two-week sprints and you get the chance to immediately put what you've learned into action with a realistic project. I just finished the Basic JavaScript and Working with the Browser course and can't wait for the next one!