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Ofir I joined Practicum's data science track in January as an alpha tester, and have been accompanying them since the launch of alpha. This program is one you actually enjoy. The materials are flavored with many humorous Easter eggs, the community managers are really responsive and care a lot about your experience, webinars on the material are done every sprint, and a 24/7 support is there for you if there's an issue. In addition, every sprint (two weeks) includes a project, that you do on your on and then get it reviewed manually. This is a great opportunity to enhance your skills even beyond what the exercises offer. Heard of a new cool library and needed an excuse to actually try it out? Cool, now you've got one. In my opinion, these reviewed projects are the gem of this program.
Adam I've decided to start something new, so I've picked up Data Analysis course by Yandex. Yandex course covers different topics - from Python to BI and SQL. Everything is explained from the begging, and mentors provide us with additional materials. There are thousands of ways to start learning coding. For some people, it is easier to learn basics with video lessons, for others it is easier to learn from practical experience. And Yandex offers you real tasks, that you may discuss with your mentors and receive from them different solutions. Practicum Team is ready to help all the time; we may contact support in case of technical issues or when we're stuck. I am really happy to be a part of the course!