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Liz Kaufman The sixteen weeks I spent at the School of Code have been mind-blowing. It’s the most incredible opportunity, and to have it be free was the cherry on top. I’m so privileged to have had this experience. I’ve gone from being able to maybe make a basic HTML page pre-Bootcamp to designing full-stack applications in four months! Chris and the SoC staff have put their heart and soul into making this amazing, and I’ll always be grateful. It was also brilliant to hear from the guest speakers as well as we were able to experience and ask questions of people from across the spectrum of tech jobs. And of course, my fellow bootcampers have been amazing! In the least corny way, we’ve become a family. We’ve banded together, had each other’s backs no matter what, never hesitated to help each other out, and have a ton of inside jokes. Also, the School of Code connects each bootcamper with a mentor in the industry, and having someone in my corner to share insight and wisdom has been so valuable throughout the bootcamp and as I find my first tech job. We learned a staggering amount in four months. Not only are we now equipped with the tools to build and deploy full-stack software, but we've also studied design, UI/UX, accessibility, DevOps, testing, broader computer science topics, and so much more. Even the global pandemic couldn't stop us. The last eight weeks of the bootcamp transitioned seamlessly to fully remote working, including our four-week final projects, and the School of Code continued undaunted. Before School of Code, I felt a bit adrift and stagnant career-wise. Although I learned a lot and met a lot of great people in my old jobs, I just wasn’t fulfilled. I had always had an inkling in the back of my mind toward technology, but it seemed really daunting to get started on my own, and I didn’t really know where to start. Thanks to the School of Code, that's completely changed - I have a brilliant foundation so that I can keep building on it and learning more. I’m genuinely excited about my career and future and looking forward to what the years ahead will bring.