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Gergana Rangelova Joining the Coders In Hoods bootcamp is the best decision which I have ever made. It was amazing experience for me. Very interesting lectures, many exercises and real projects and I have never missed any support from the instructors. I do recommend joining the bootcamp.
Khrystyna Kozhushko I read about lots of different programs and was a bit concerned that this is a new school. Before I joined I visited a few workshops that they've organised and I liked them. So what can I say? The instructors are great, very supportive, I didn't feel any difference between this and face-2-face courses that I took before. Any time you can ask a question on Slack and get an instant response from an instructor with an explanation or jump on a video call. The program is intense, don't be tricked by "part-time", it's definitely more than that. You need to spend around 15-20 hours per week (or maybe it's just me). The whole course is heavily focused on JS which is great, as it's the most complicated part for sure. Tons of exercises keeps you busy, and they are great. For projects we were given designs, so you can be sure your portfolio will look nice. The only thing we didn't have but they promise to add in the future is group projects.