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Patrick Young The best way I can describe the School of Code in one sentence is “the absolute perfect place for someone to go from knowing almost nothing about programming to be ready for employment in only 16 weeks”. I enjoyed every minute of SoC from the moment we stepped in through the doors on day 1 with 24 strangers to leaving after demo day as fully fledged software developers who are now friends for life. The programme is crammed with cutting edge industry technology and best practices, which has ensured we are highly employable and it also focuses on self development and learning. It has given me the ability to go out on my own and pick up more or less any new tech stack that I wish to learn. All this is centered around a relaxed and more importantly fun environment which encourages creativity and teamwork, but that is not to say it is a walk in the park, the course is intense and requires 100% commitment from any bootcampers who are lucky enough to land themselves a space. The support you will find from everybody involved directly in SoC as well as the wider SoC community and their recruitment partner for both learning new skills and finding work once the course is over is also in incredible. I can not recommend the School of Code highly enough for anyone looking for a change in their career or looking to break into the tech industry.