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Helen Kent I joined the School of Code bootcamp for their 3rd cohort in Jan 2020. Previously I'd only dreamt of being able to leave my career in teaching to pursue a career in tech - I thought it'd be far too much for me to afford one of the ridiculously overpriced bootcamps I'd seen previously. I was over the moon to discover the existence of the School of Code - a FREE full stack development bootcamp - and I applied as soon as I could. The bootcamp met and exceeded my expectations. The School of Code teaches the most up to date tech to prepare you for a full stack developer role. This is exactly what I wanted! We learnt basic html, css and javascript and then moved on to React. We also learnt nodejs and used express servers for the back end. We also covered testing, problem solving, AWS, design, github...the list goes on and on! Not only do you learn so much, you get to build...we made full stack apps by ourselves, in pairs and in teams. There is a one week and final four week project in which you work in teams to produce an app to solve a problem. This is invaluable experience and will really set you apart when you're looking for a new role. I loved this experience and really enjoyed working in a team to build something we were excited about. Throughout the bootcamp we also had numerous guest speakers that came to the School of Code to talk to us about their roles, their companies, how they use tech or to teach us about new tech. This was a great way to learn from more people but also to begin extending our network. After the bootcamp you aren't left to go and find a job on your own...the School of Code partners with Spinks recruitment and they bring the jobs to you! Companies are vetted to ensure that they are set up and prepared to support junior developers so you can be sure that your development will continue in your first role. The companies that recruit from the School of Code pay a recruitment fee, which is one of the ways that SoC is able to provide the bootcamp free of charge to learners. Lastly, aside from all the brilliant reasons I've just listed, the School of Code is amazing because it is run by fun, caring people who put all their effort into ensuring their bootcampers succeed and are happy. I had an amazing time and was so lucky to be with a brilliant group of bootcampers who are now friends - I would 100% recommend the School of Code bootcamp to ANYBODY who wants a career in tech. You will not regret it!