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Thomas Malek McCarthy I enrolled in Byte after graduating with a degree in chemical engineering with almost no coding or computer language experience. After the 3 phases I'm confident in writing multiple languages front and back-end. I began with the pre-phase 1 month foundation course with Carter as the instructor. Carter was a fantastic teacher who unfortunately no longer works for Byte, he was passionate about what he was teaching and very knowledgeable as well. After this foundation course i began the Full stack course with Greg Smith as the instructor. The first 2 months are extremely quick, if you don't want to fall behind you will need a minimum of 2.5 hours of self study a day. Greg is a very patient teacher which i greatly appreciated as my knowledge was being built from ground up and there were a lot of basics i needed explanation for twice. He would answer questions into the night as late at 8-9pm and always offered to help you understand the problem rather than just fix it. I highly recommend Greg as an instructor, he knows the material in and out and has enough out of curriculum knowledge to help give you the tools to take on your own challenges. I was able to self teach myself a core language, Dart, in only one week because of the tools and conditioning Byte provided to me. Negatives? I don't think i encountered any problems with phase 1 or 2. Both phases teach you an extremely large amount of knowledge in a short amount of time, and teach it well. However phase 3 will be a serious step down in intensity, but this is up to you. Phase 3 has an open ended project to "prove" what you've learned over the past 8 weeks. This is tempting for students to take it easy and meet the bare minimum to pass the criteria for the solo project. I think Byte could definitely fit more class time into phase 3 or introduce a third language into the curriculum during this third phase. After two months of intense schooling the third month definitely feels like a mini vacation relative to the other phases. I definitely would like to see a new language introduced or more in depth learning of the languages covered in the third phase.