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Daniella Skinner The Mayden Academy course is more than just a coding bootcamp, It's one of the best things I've done and I would recommend it to anyone considering a career in tech! It was a friendly, fun, and supportive environment and during my time there I felt that the trainers and everyone involved in running the course wanted the students to do well. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience: the wonderful trainers; the team of students; the course content; the structure of the course (love the alternating project and theory weeks as it helps you solidify the concepts and build up a great portfolio); the small class sizes; and the great place you get to study. Overall I really enjoyed everything I learnt and made some great friends; and even though I attended having barely written any code before and from a totally different career path it prepared my for my first developer job - thanks to the number of hiring partners the academy put you in touch with! Thank you Mayden Academy :)