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Michael Crenshaw One of the best decisions of my life was attending EFA. Went from no coding experience to my first job as an Associate Software Engineer in less than 6 months making almost double what I made previously. It's a fast paced program and you really need to spend every moment of it that you possibly can learning but it is well worth it. The staff and corses are incredible and easy to follow if you put in the effort. Can't think of a better experience in my life than EFA, and proud to have been a student!
Scott Jones I founded Eleven Fifty Academy, but I personally also took the early courses myself. as a student, to make sure we were making this the very best full-immersion training program (“coding bootcamp”) on the planet. I am so proud of our hundreds of graduates now who have transformed their lives, landing fun and fulfilling high-value careers in software development and cybersecurity.