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Anonymous Avoid CodeClan Edinburgh like the plague, the students in my cohort were all sold dreams before joining but little was actually delivered. Prior to joining the school, its staff create an impression that the studying here is highly respectable and the students are sought after in an industry "that has more jobs than applicants". The instructors are the only good thing about CodeClan, most of them really do care and deliver good fundamental education but nothing more than a basic introduction, you spend all your time create inventory systems. The support services are a joke, students were promised networking opportunities and speed interviews with world class companies. For my cohort, only 7/8 companies actually showed to the speed interviews and of them and only one actually hired one of the students. The rest of us get emails from support services asking about our interest, only for them to disappear for months on end. The staff make you feel like you should be grateful for being there and run the school like a cult, you would think they all forgot that shoulds pay in excess of £6,000+ to study. - There is next to no real support following graduation - Employers do not value certificates from Codeclan - Out of a class of 20, only 2 got jobs(one from the school and one went back to their old company). - CodeClan say 6 months after graduation 90% have jobs, the same could be said for any group of people over a 6 month period. - CodeClan like to be cryptic e.g. they dont mention what type of jobs - The School is run like a cult, all the staff convey the same message, all create a picture of an industry/opportunities that isnt true. It is so easy to get sucked in to their lies. - CodeClan dont mark or grade you. everybody is equal whether you have no ability or not, you'll graduate. - The CEO Melinda is simply on another planet. - Promised 10 companies at speed interviews: 7 showed up, 1 left immediately, 5 did not hire nor were in positions to hire (they came simply to talk to us). Advice to any students thinking about joining: - DONT, save yourself £6500 and get a codecademy account, learn the basics, attend a event and just ask someone to be your mentor (can help you, if you get stuck on a concept) - Understand, the average graduate takes a junior role with a junior salary (avoid if you have kids and live month to month) - If you really want a "school" vibe and want to do it in edinburgh, the universities will give you a masters for roughly the same amount ( and people actually respect it). I wish I could take them to court for fraud and misrepresentation.