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Anonymous I had started Skillcrush in March by doing Digital Marketing, but was curious to see what other Blueprints were like, so I decided to just enroll in the Break Into Tech course. What a great decision that was! I've learned how to code, improved on my digital design skills, and have gotten 1-on-1 career counseling throughout the program. Skillcrush is truly offering students a well-rounded, and affordable, way to learn tech skills to serve us for a long time!
Anonymous I had always had an interest in coding but never stepped out and tried. After having reviewed several online courses at various websites, I decided on Skillcrush. I highly recommend their free coding camp so you can get a good idea of the teaching style - it's awesome. The courses are very engaging. You get the confidence and instruction to learn everything you need from the experts. The online community and Skillcrush instructors are great. I don't personally know any of them but it's like interacting with friends. They are so helpful and nice. I am truly enjoying my new learning adventure!!