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Anonymous This place is going down fast. Pre-COVID, they were barely providing adequate learning and getting their grads hired. Now, COVID is exposing all their weaknesses. They didn't have enough donations coming in to maintain the program and the pandemic is making that worse. They furloughed a lot of the staff and cut the pay of the rest. They cut off all alumni from all career services because they are running out of money to operate. Only currently enrolled students are receiving services. So Pursuit promised career support that they couldn't actually sustain. It's pretty obvious this place was barely operating in the black. Now they're deep in the red. If this place decides to switch to remote learning, my advice to potential students is DON'T DO IT. I went to in-person classes and I could barely get help when I needed it. It's going to be worse for remote learning because it will be easier for Pursuit to ignore you. The ISA was not worth it before and it definitely will not get your money's worth now.