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Jeannine Skillcrush is has been a great experience for me. I was looking for a self-paced, online-only coding bootcamp that still offered me a sense of community, career help, and interaction with instructors. I chose Skillcrush because it offers A LOT more of those things than its similarly-priced competitors. Skillcrush also focuses on promoting inclusivity in the tech industry and really elevates the voices of women, often women of color. This program felt much more welcoming to me than many of the faceless or worse, bro-ey, programs out there. Also, Skillcrush really promotes getting your start by freelancing, and they have a lot of resources to help you do that. Before Skillcrush, I thought I wanted an intensive program that I could knock out as quickly as possible and become a back-end developer for Google already! And Skillcrush does absolutely allow you to do the program that way if you want to and you absolutely will be prepared for a job. But I've been convinced by their philosophy of learning enough to start freelancing, then starting to gain experience, build your resume, and learn while you earn (as they say)!