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Mukesh Depani Very nice teaching style. Awesome. His style of teaching is nice so anybody can understand easily. I can also say that very good guy as trainer. It will also help us to get things easily during the course. MTT also helped for the new Job support. Thank you.
Ahmmed Abidemi Adesanya

Their Programs are actually flexible for training as a developer, well not all courses are affordable but worth it because of the knowledge sharing, its Okay. I am OK with their trainer because the pass the knowledge in a very simple way a primary school student can comprehend.Look forward

Mohammed Imran I gained a lot of confidence after attending this bootcamp. Now I can say I am upskilled as per market requirements and this bootcamp is fulfilling all that what we require for current IT market. I am very much familiar now with the architecture to build for an application as I got opportunity to develop all concepts which I learnt in this bootcamp. Thanks so much Manzoor for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. Thank you for your wisdom, experience and personable presentation.
Osama Munawar I am enjoying learning his course Angular 8 with Dot Net Core so far. Courses are designed in a well-organized way especially for a person who is new to that technology. Also, courses are designed very interactively with full of challenges that you face while developing your real-time project, and that challenges Manzoor covers in his videos so that you will be familiar with that scenarios before you start your own project. This thing really keeps a person on the right track of learning. Personally, I and My friend is taking different courses from Manzoor since 2015. What I and my friend have observed that if you need to become a Dot Net expert then Manzoor is the right person for you. I and my friend have a request to Manzoor that please update the Angular 8 course to the professional/Advance level and also come fast with new courses as Microservices and much more technology that are evolving nowadays because your material is easy to understand and very precise. Thanks, Manzoor for your precise stuff.
Maurilio Filho This courses is one great content to learning and get in work with this technologies, great method of learning and very helpful with community! Courses with high content and update frequently to your users learn only ultimate technologies and approathes
Abdul Riyaz I learnt ASP.Net Core with Angular from coding bootcamp MTT. Manzoor sir simplified all the complex concepts of courses.Its become very simple to me to learn from scratch.Thank you for your extra work and effort in the past months.
Gaurang Koshti

It is really worth course, I just learnt angular with web api and bootstrap and now I am able to give interviews on Angular. The live project training helped me a lot to understand, how actually bootstraping happens, what are the roles of each and every typescript file which I created in real project. I would appreciate the trainer's effort. Whatever I learnt from MTT it is truly worth.

Md Azeem Ahmed The contents of course were made very simple and practical, it was very easy to follow and do hands on, The stuff was very much straight forward that the beginner can also grasp it with great flexibility. It was a great experience in learning and getting trained
DASARI A V N K SIVA PRASAD I would highly recommend MTT to all friends and colleague's because it presents a very interesting, fun and colorful way of bringing training to students. Thank you for delivering a fantastic course. The content was great and very relevant to me both personally and professionally. I will definitely be putting this into practice. Manzoor sir was so enthusiastic and made the training both interesting and enjoyable . He Explain Topics very easy way and understandable way . Thanks and Regards Siva Prasad