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Abdul Azeez

I have knowledge on .Net, but i dont have any idea on full stack development. I have attended online course in full stack ASP.NET Core Web Developer, and i am confident in working environment to handle any issue. MTT has teached from basic to expert level. This course gave me an strong foundation to handle all issues related to ASP.NET core web development

Israel F Manzoor has an amazing talent of teaching complex things in the easiest way possible. He is an excellent teacher and teaches through project based learning. Throughout the courses I made numerous fun projects. If you want to learn web development, go for his course without a second thought. This course is worth way more than what you pay for it. You will not only learn a lot things but Manzoor also teaches, how to learn things on your own because new tools are released every day and you can not stop learning at any point.
Lokesh I keep on upgrading myself from the Manzoor The Trainer videos. The Explanation of the concept is very good. He will explain every concept from scratch in a crystal clear manner. So everyone can learn easily. I will also suggest his courses to all. Thanks to Manzoor sir