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Stephanie Withers I've tried the free online coding courses, but none of the information was really sticking with me. I have a lot of trouble processing huge blocks of text and I lose interest in long-winded YouTube videos. I stumbled upon Skillcrush, attended a free Q&A about the course, and immediately knew that I wanted to give this a try. I don't regret it one bit. The course instructors are amazing. Their helpful videos keep me interested, walk me through how to do things, and I feel like they're genuinely invested in my success. Skillcrush has SHORT AND SWEET high-quality video, step-by-step tutorials, instructor feedback, fun course projects, and handy cheatsheets full of important information. And when it comes time to do your projects, they give you just enough freedom to do it on your own, but not feel like you're floating, untethered, out in space. The active student community has also been a HUGE help. Pros: Active student community Helpful course instructors High-Quality video walk-throughs Easy-to-read course materials Cons: Course material itself feels basic, HOWEVER- they link you to amazingly helpful resources all over the web and the student community has been great. And you are always welcome to message instructors with questions. I have no regrets in purchasing the Break Into Tech Blueprint course and I've been enjoying every minute of it!
Erica I appreciated the COVID discount and monthly payment plan that Skillcrush offered for this course. Since I've been unemployed, I went through the curriculum nearly f/t and finished in a couple months. Overall, I picked Skillcrush because I am a middle-aged female and didn't want to learn from a 20yo wonderkind bro programmer. ;) Since I come from a design background, I also love that they care about aesthetics and the user experience. There's a great Slack community and you can join the channel that corresponds to the class you're taking so that you can search through and find answers when you get stuck and students support each other. In terms of what we were taught, I feel like it was good, but could've been a little more comprehensive. For example, in the CSS lessons we just learned Flexbox and not Grid layout. I would've cut out most of the time spent on float layout lessons, which is not best practice anyhow, and used that time to teach Grid layout. I also would've liked to learn more CSS selectors, and just gone a little more in depth on that language. The JavaScript projects were too complex for me, I had to take other online classes with more simple projects because I just couldn't get things at that level right off the bat and still feel shaky in that language. I've seen people saying they've gotten jobs before even finishing the program, but I feel like I need a good 3-6 more months of learning and practice to be close to competent at this, and I come from a tech background and already was comfortable with HTML, so it depends on the person. Overall, I am happy with my investment and would definitely recommend them to older students or anyone that is not a young, white male looking to feel welcomed in a more inclusive learning environment. I definitely will consider coming back and taking more classes with them. My track didn't include any job support, so that's why I gave that a low rating, it just wasn't applicable to my course. They do have some free career-oriented downloads on their website and you're free to ask instructors during Zoom calls about their experience as well, so that was appreciated.
Airiel Mulvaney

I can only list pros at this stage of the process. As a seasoned graphic designer, I signed up in the BIT courses to fill in the gaps in my tech knowledge. I am almost complete with the HTML/CSS portion of the Break into Tech courses and notice I come to each section with enthusiasm. The courses are broken up into digestible bites so as to not overwhelm my older brain. When I have questions or feel stuck there are community and instructor resources ready to help!