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Pursuit is unlicensed. As a private training program, they should be under the state's Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision which monitors these types of programs. As a result, they don't follow state policy, such as tuition and fees must be the same for everyone (no one should be paying more than others for the same program), they should have licensed instructors, etc. None of that. Now they modified their ISA again, with a cap of $70K in tuition, and a tiered system of payments, so if you make $70,000 or so, they want 15% of it before taxes. For 48 payments! This program is not worth a maximum $70,000. They are another programs that are truly affordable or even free, AND LICENSED. They is no reason for this, especially when they target marginalized people who are at an economically disadvantage. It's indentured servitude.