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C. Axel Jorgensen PSA (before I get into how much I love the skillcrush course): If you are thinking of or already doing the break into tech course do NOT get the UX add on. Most of the information is already in the course and, truthfully, it's just not worth the money at all. It felt like going from college to kindergarten with how brainless the material felt. Frustratingly, it felt like the entire course section could have been summed up in a few pages inside the main course. It was a waste of time and money. That being said I would still give this entire course a 5 star review overall. It guides you through the information at a perfect pace and presents it all in a logical and fluid way. They offer many resources to pick through at your own pace as well. Skillcrush's team is hyper responsive and good at teaching rather than just answering questions. You could easily teach all of this to yourself through free resources and experimentation, but I'd also guarantee you it would take three times as long and you wouldn't get the best practices drilled into you like this course does. If you're taking the idea of moving into the tech world seriously this is the right move.