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Anonymous I enrolled into the 6month part time, Full stack web development program at TECH I.S. to make a career switch to Web Development. I chose TECH IS mainly because they offered 1-on-1 coaching. It was also less pricier than the other immersive bootcamps out there. The Curriculum is a mix of original TECH I.S Coursework and other curated course material. Although it takes effort to finish the material, it gets easy as the mentors are always available to guide me. I just have to leave a message on the group and the mentors get on a video call to help me. The Mentors are super knowledgeable and friendly and also help keep me accountable. There's also weekly soft skill development sessions by the career counsellors. Currently working on building my portfolio and they're helping me with the job search process as well. Overall I've had a good experience with them.