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Anonymous I am a software engineer who came to US four years ago and happily working at a big firm today (on H-1B visa). But my journey wasn’t easy. I came on F-1 visa and I did not know anyone in US then. So my only source of help was either internet or my communication skills which were mediocre at best. After I completed my first year of course, I initiated my OPT application while looking for ways to learn advanced Java. Java is always in demand and there are plenty opportunities in market in this field so I wanted to make sure that I am following the right path. My next big task was to enrol in a boot camp. I have heard some students complain about joining a boot camp but my experience has been good. As a foreigner, you need all the help you can get because the market is really tough. Finding a job and then being competent enough to work past the probation period is a feat in itself. So for anyone who says boot camps are not necessary, they might really be a genius. I am not saying it to promote any particular camp or something but if you think about it, training camps are really helpful as – they train you to become competent in the field, help find a deserving job for you, they know how to market you to the desired clients, and they assist you until you become better while saving your time and energy. Yes the fee structure is a bit high and it can get hard for students who don’t earn much but if you compare the outcomes, you will know that it is worth it. I am not a fan of upfront payments and that is what bugged me the most when I started my search for camps. So, I needed to enrol in a camp that provided online classes and had a bit of flexible payment schedule. Here are some names that I shortlisted: (these are ranked from highest to lowest as per my preference and reviews/ratings/personal comments/online info that I found) Actualize offers 100% online courses along with in person classes in its Chicago headquarters. Reviews are mostly good. Big Nerd Ranch offers 5-7 days intensive boot camp but they don’t provide online classes. Reviews are mixed. SynergisticIT offers 5-6 months courses online and don’t offer in person classes. The reviews are mixed but the feedback I got from some of ex graduates was mostly good. Code Fellows have full and part time 10 week courses but the reviews regarding job placement and teaching style weren’t that good. Coder Foundry offers 12 week full time courses in person only but I am not sure about the job placement and on job assistance with them. My only suggestion is join a camp if you want to find a suitable job for you and make a career in IT industry like me.