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Àlex Park Viñas I will probably ran out of space before being able to express how important my period in Skylab has been to me. Before joining the course (on January 2020), I was extremely frustrated professional-wise. I quitted my job as a criminologist because it did not fulfill me and I needed a new guideline in my life. Some friends (one of them an alum from Skylab) suggested me to try programming and soon enough it became a new passion, and the answer I seeked... ...but even with this hope, the bootcamp was just beyond my high expectations. It literally changed my life, for the better! It was just unimaginable how many things I was able to learn and master in such a short time. Everything was just in their spot: classmates were over the top and we created an amazing bond; the bootcamp content was excellent and it provided for so many things we need in the current job market; the teacher was one of the most inspiring people I have ever met, and the school itself stays with you for as much as you need them, in both programming issues and emotionally. By the end of the bootcamp, I had the privilege to be hired as an assistant teacher for the next promotion (April 2020), which means that I stayed one more course, providing help to the students. Working from the inside just reafirmed my thoughts on how much the school cares about you, and how hard they try to make students become some of the best junior developers in the market in just 3 months. Working with Skylab (as student and as teacher) was such a pleasure and is by far the best decision I have ever taken in my professional life. It is just what you need to have a complete successful change. And if you want results, here is mine: I am already hired in an offer I wouldn't ever imagined as a criminologist after just 1 month of searching (even during COVID, even during summer holidays!). Overall, just as every other review here, be completely sure that Skylab Coders Academy is simply a sure bet. Join it and you will not regret it!