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Anonymous I attended the Java Web Development CoderGirl course in 2019-2020. There are three modules, Javascript, Java, and Career Readiness. I don't know how I survived the JavaScript module. My TA had graduated from the program 3 months before she started teaching at launchcode. My TA rarely showed up to class. I remember going to other groups to ask for help on the daily assignments. The curriculum was very poorly written. The TAs usually couldn't help the students understand how to solve the problems. For example, there was a graded assignment regarding test driven development that not a single student could finish. After the due date, that assignment was thrown out without explanation and we were expected to just continue with the curriculum. I dropped out between the Java and Career Readiness modules because the TA told me, verbatim, that I was an idiot and I would never be able to write good code. I worked for two weeks to turn in a working program for a graded assignment, but I was given a 0 because she didn't like how it was written. No constructive criticism or ideas to improve. After I stopped showing up to class, no one from LaunchCode attempted to reach out to find out why. I guess they don't care about their retention rates. I wasted my time with this program. I've attempted to find a corporate web-development job but I didn't learn enough in the program to qualify for an entry-level position. I have continued to self-study using free resources online that have prepared me much more for my development journey than LaunchCode. Of the >200 people who started the program, ~15 survived to the point where I dropped out. I know of four graduates personally, and two have found junior level positions without the help of launchcode. I know the other two are still unemployed, three months later.