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Alexis Hauge I'm proud to call myself a Skillcrusher! I enrolled in the Break Into Tech blueprint years after being told about Skillcrush by an old acquaintance from high school. I shouldn't have waited 6 years to make the leap to learn again! It just took a furlough during a pandemic to urge me to take the steps to get out of the field of real estate and into something that would give me the freedom I want and the opportunity to earn more money. I'm happy to report that I just completed coding my very first website and today, I launched that baby live! I cannot say enough good things about Skillcrush. The lessons are explained in such a manner that things just click for me -- and I never thought I was smart enough to learn coding. When you get stuck and feel like you need a little help, the Slack community is there for you and the instructors are awesome at reaching out to lend a hand to explain any concepts that you might be having trouble with. If you're on the fence about Skillcrush, don't wait any longer. Hop down off that fence and get started on a blueprint that you're interested in. You won't regret it.