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Anonymous Pros: 1. same company Trilogy is running bootcamp for many schools, i.e. UC xx, UPenn, etc 2. The bootcamp is way way overpriced(~$13000) but less overpriced compared to other well known Bootcamps($14000-19000) out there. IMO, all coding bootcamps, even with career supports like setting you up with companies, is worth about $2000-4000. I went to a top school in computer science among the whole world and that's about the price for one class taught by top computer scientists. Cons: 1. The instructor of the part-time session I attended was rly of almost no coding skills. How do I know? I am actually a working software engineer who attended this bootcamp to get an idea on how to open my own coding bootcamp. With my experience, I can call B.S. when someone with very limited coding skills is The guy who taught the part-time session hasn't been coding for almost 10 years by just looking at his Linkedin. But honestly from those fundamental mistakes he made during classes, I felt like he was never good at coding at all...He is not the only instructor though so if you have the luck to have a different instructor, your experience may be very different. I've also talked to Trilogy, the company which actually runs the bootcamp, what's their requirement of hiring instructors, basically 5 yrs relative working experience and this guy is an MBA who works in tech. So you can see how much they care. 2. This bootcamp, in the best case scenario, is taught by a Junior engineer. Why not Senior engineer? If you know how much a senior engineer get paid, you would understand they will never waste their time on teaching bootcamp. The salary of the instructor of bootcamps is less than base salary of a software engineer(usually we separate ourselves with web devs) and about the same of a web developer in major tech companies (not only the big names also any decent tech companies) WITHOUT stock and cash benefits tho. So as you can see, only Junior engineers would be willing to teach full-time cuz even just one level up in their career, the salary bootcamps could pay per year is less than their raise. 3. Do not attend UW one if you really want to attend a school bootcamp. As I said, it's same thing with a lot of universities and the price may be different according to the school. The instructors have nothing with any of the schools. DO NOT GET FOOLED. This bootcamp is in the extension education, basically it's the department all these schools are trying to make money. It's extremely hard to drop out of the UW session because even though it is run by a company which has nothing to do with UW but UW is making money. In order to drop out of the class, you have to petition to UW even though during the whole bootcamp, UW only provides their name on this really. Nobody works in the bootcamp has any relation with UW. 4. Job support means to ask you to submit resume and all that. The only good thing is occasionally they will connect you with a company during a one-hour info session. I will give them another star just for this.