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Kristiana Berriochoa Doing the JavaScript Full-Stack Online Bootcamp through the Barcelona Code School was a fantastic decision. I had always been interested in pursuing a coding course, but I couldn't find the right one that would accommodate with my full-time work schedule. This course accomplished that for me. It was perfect for the type of work structure I needed, and the type of thought-provoking challenges I craved. I completed the part-time 16 week course; however, I actually far surpassed the 16 weeks in order to accomplish everything. With so much content, it took me awhile to gain my rhythm and dedicate the appropriate time to it. I actually spent most of my weekends working on everything, and I learned quickly that just because it was part time, it wasn't less intense. Yet, this is the great thing about this course: it allows you to set your own pace and work within your own time parameters. Additionally, George and Stefano are great instructors and really make efforts to communicate with you. They offer 1 on 1 meetings throughout the course, that are so valuable, and I wish I would have used them more. These meetings are fantastic to check-in and relieve any doubts you're having about the course, or ask questions and get assistance with any tasks. And believe me, you will have questions and doubts! Finally, the course material was definitely worth pursuing. The more I learned throughout this course, the more I actually looked forward to learning it and practicing it. I absolutely loved developing the HTML and CSS cloning projects, making my first static website, and learning the ins-and-outs of JavaScript, React, Express, and React Native. However, bringing it all together and creating my eCommerce website and weather app was so worthwhile and rewarding, that feeling of accomplishment you gain at the end. It wasn't by any means easy and there were more moments of frustration than I'd like to recall, but it was worth all the aches and pains. Overall, this course has benefited me in so many ways. It has allowed me to gain new skills, explore my creative/design side, utilize new tools and resources, and it has aided me in my professional quest by affording me many new work opportunities. For that, I am very happy with my decision to embark on this adventure! I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for new professional opportunities, or to anyone simply looking to learn new things and/or express their creative side. It has been an awesome journey!