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Anonymous Life is tough as an immigrant in US because market is super competitive and the chances of you getting picked over US candidates are quite slim. Why do I say so? Because I was turned down by almost every company I applied to for my OPT job. I did not understand the reason then but now I know, so that is why I am sharing my review here. My resume lacked structure, I wasn’t reaching out to companies the right way to get their attention and most importantly, I lacked the ‘star’ factor! What’s that? You need to be really well trained, experienced and extra ordinarily talented to better your chances of getting hired by IT giants in US. Otherwise, it will be really difficult, actually almost impossible, to survive on your own out there. SynergisticIT helped me in my journey. This is a hybrid of a consultation and a boot camp so there was certain surety about the outcomes when I joined. I knew either I would get trained or placed, both were okay with me. Luckily, I got amazing support with both of these things. There is one thing that I really liked about them – their long list of reliable industry clients and never ending zeal to help candidates until they find a good job. Rest all is relative. Their trainers are professional and experienced so you know you are in good hands. Yes there are plenty of boot camps out there that are equally or more famous but it is about what you want and not what they are offering (my opinion). I too have heard so many famous names like the tech academy, Digital Crafts, Makers academy, She Codes, Epicodus, Turing and some of them even give money back guarantee if you don’t get placed which is lucrative but you’ve got to weigh the pros and cons and understand what your end goal is. The benefit of joining a hybrid is you get training and job assistance both at one place – it saves money, time and efforts all of which are quite crucial and important for OPT students.