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Anonymous I did quite a bit research before investing in this option for my career change. My main focus was on the return on investment. There are many ways you can measure the value of a bootcamp. Can you learn what they teach for cheaper? yes. Can you learn it faster? no. Can you get a broad understanding of the software landscape in as short of a time? no. You could do the same technical tasks on your own, yes, but what you don't get is immersion in the industry, confidence in your skills, a team of people who have been in the profession who can act as consultants on your path. This support system is invaluable. You are paying for expertise, and insider knowledge as well as what you get in the classroom. I believe that the personnel at Propulsion Academy are top notch and they are invested in your success. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have a job in industry, got an 80% raise from my previous position, and am really enjoying the challenge and it is all due to Propulsion Academy.