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Prasida Newman Review of Phase One, as I am currently enrolled in Phase Two of Data Science: Data Science students, look elsewhere. Both instructors for Phase One were full stack instructors. The content of Phase One is heavily weighted towards the full stack skillset, going so far as to exclude Pandas entirely. While you will see incredible detail in the homework problems in the free introductory course, Phase One’s homework is either riddled with errors or non-existent. (They know about this and are working to fix it. Be sure to ask before enrolling.) Also, they are perfectly comfortable assigning instructors to cover content with which they are unfamiliar. This happened in covering SQL. The instructor admitted he did not know SQLite well, and the classes were awkward, as he tried to figure it out. The first instructor’s quizzes were amazing, but then the 2nd thought he had been too easy on us. He proceeded to give us a quiz which he later admitted was too hard. The next quiz was so simple I couldn’t believe it. Then, after saying that the final test would be approachable, he proceeded to give two questions which were the most brutal testing experience I have ever undergone (I have an undergrad Math degree, so I know what it’s like to take a difficult test.) I told him during the test that I was not ready to move on to Phase Two. He told me it was fine, and they sent me into the next part of the program. I got the distinct impression that passing the test actually didn’t matter. Look for a program that has a more robust homework and quiz/testing structure for the Python portion of the program. Ideally, you would have a data science engineer teaching you Python as well. Byte seems to be short on instructors who can teach data science.