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Alexander Holder I just completed BCA's first UX Design Bootcamp. It was an amazing experience. If you're in an appropriate time zone, you can take this bootcamp remotely. I wasn't anywhere near Burlington and I still felt connected. Their biggest strength is that the UX program is taught by Rick Machanic, who has decades of experience in this field. He owned his own web agency so he offers much more than the typical bootcamp teacher. BCA is great about gathering feedback and I'm sure they're going to improve the Bootcamp based on my program's initial feedback. They're going to solidify some of the prework, Figma lessons, and have more consistent labs that span the length of the Bootcamp. One of the highlights of the course was our capstone. They work with real clients so your portfolio has real-world experience before you're even done. Another shining star is Etienne Morris, the career coach that BCA uses. They place a high emphasis on finding a job and networking throughout your time there. The TA, Mateo Cohen, brings more experience from a visual design perspective. His feedback and design critiques were super useful and he's still helping our class out despite the Bootcamp being finished. All in all, you should definitely go to BCA if you want to become a UX Designer. I entered having only enthusiasm and left with a ton of new skills!