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Kieran Schwegman I went here just wanting to get a stable job in the field without any field experience, and only knowing the fundamentals of some languages. At first it was pretty intense, but if you pull through and stick with the course you learn the languages and stacks, as well as what to build when you start bridging to other languages. I loved the teachers, they were all awesome, and helped me every step of way through the course. They teach the fundamentals, then dive into the complex stuff you'd work on in the field. Halfway through the course they start helping you find jobs, and they're very dialed into the Indy Tech network, which was a lifesaver for the stress of job searching. I can't thank Eleven Fifty enough for all it's help, and I'd love to spread some love so they can be heard. It's been a year since I worked at Eleven Fifty, check out my LinkedIn or Github. I don't have much experience, but I've came a long way and learned a bunch that I wouldn't have without them. and . Anyways, take care guys, I learned more here than I did in college for stuff related to the field, and they helped me find a job! (;