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Karine Peltier Joining Propulsion Academy has been a major milestone in my continuous education journey. In only 3 months, I have gained first-hand experience in front-end and back-end, as well as the major technologies and trends in the IT sector. Propulsion Academy has been a major asset to facilitate my job-hunting in a competitive job market. After completing the bootcamp, it took me 2 months to secure a position as a Business Analyst / Project Manager, which was my end goal. Bootcamp at Propulsion Academy is a unique experience. You will experience a rapid learning curve, from the beginning of your application to the presentation of your final group project. You can count on the helping hand and patience of your teachers, teaching assistants and the rest of your classmates. In a friendly and fast-paced environment, you will cover a wide array of topics and subjects, building up your portfolio and strengthening your skills as a developer. The setting of the bootcamp fosters focus, discipline and mutual help, which I would have had a hard time finding on my own through self-teaching. Last, Propulsion Academy is a growing start-up with a “big family” atmosphere, taking into account individual feedback from each of their students. The covid-19 pandemic rapidly evolved during my bootcamp. The team at Propulsion Academy has been fantastic before and during the confinement, making sure the students of our batch were having a successful experience, as any other previous batch. To anyone thinking about joining Propulsion Academy, feel free to reach out: this is the first step to a major milestone in your career.