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This is a review of the FRONT END DEVELOPMENT + REACT JAVASCRIPT course. Overall this course was alright for me. Prior to enrolling to the course, I was looking for a curriculum that would help me get into front-end development jobs. That was my end goal. Skillcrush popped up in my search so I quickly hopped on and enrolled. But while I was taking the course, I started to do more research and found that my interests were more inclined to software engineering/full stack development. As you can see, this course does not really help with that goal. But I had already paid for it and decided I might as well go through with it. From the lengthy research I've done on other programs (ie looking into their syllabus/curriculum/emailing them to ask more questions, I realized that the concepts I learned in this course felt very introductory/beginner level. So that's something to think about if you're interested in gaining a very advanced level concept of front-end. Regardless, I still took the course and finished. The staff members were definitely kind and helpful! They helped with any confusion I had. The slack community was pretty good. The layout of the course was nice - there's a built-in text editor so you can code along. There are exercises after each section so you can apply what you've learned. I know a lot of students who found these skillcrush courses to be helpful for them and enjoyed it. I just think this wasn't for me, personally, and I would have benefitted from taking other programs. (I ended up enrolling in a longer, more intensive and in-depth program, which suits my end goals and mentorship needs.) But overall, I'd say it's a decent introductory course. Make sure to do your research and understand your end goals prior to enrolling. I was at fault for enrolling in haste and not researching other options with similar price points. My reviews and star ratings are based on the sole fact that this program just wasn't for me, personally. So please don't take it as a one-size fits all review. There are many students who have enjoyed this course and that's good! I just didn't find this course to suit me and my end goals. So for that I'd have to give lower ratings based on what I was hoping to learn from front-end development. However, the staff members and the slack community definitely deserve 5 stars. Hope this helps!