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I went through this program with no prior background in the field. I got a 90K+ job within a year of graduating. Let me be clear, if you expect to pay the tuition, show up, half pay attention to the lectures, chat with your friends during lab time, and spend more time complaining about the instruction and difficulty of the material than actually coding and doing your work, you won't get a job after. I'm a white heterosexual male, and I certainly have all the privilege that comes with that. I get it. I worked as a full-time freelance trumpet player while going through this 45-hour per week program, and graduated with a 120% grade. That's why I got a job. Because I did all of my labs, code challenges, and readings, and I turned them in on time. Does white heterosexual male privilege play a role in that... absolutely. Did I earn my job, you're damn right I did. The people that run this school have the best intentions of their students at heart. The instructional staff does an amazing job. Could they be better... we all can be. But they listen, and they learn. I felt fully supported after I left Alchemy. Did I expect to be handed interviews? Nope. I kept coding and worked on my craft, and in the end, two of my former TA's recommended me for a job at their company. I went through six rounds of interviews for that job. And I got it. I love everyone who was in my cohort. I support them wherever they are on their life journey. But to project your lack of success on to the school instead of looking into yourself is not fair and inaccurate. If you want to get into code, and you're serious and committed, go to Alchemy. Their success percentages speak for themselves.

Antonella Gutierrez

Alchemy is a fast paced learning environment but definitely will give you the skills you need to break into tech. Of course you will need to put in the work, stick to coding and market yourself, but Alchemy does a great job at providing you with a network and support system in which you can acquire professional connections that can possibly expand into getting that job, it is all on how you decide to use those resources. If you are coming in with zero coding knowledge it could be very rough at first since there is so much to learn but eventually you start getting more comfortable with the basics and the information starts to sink in. A great thing about Alchemy is that they ensure that the people they have attending their school are diverse, from all sorts of backgrounds and open to differences, they provide a healthy social environment which makes it easier for it to be a more collaborative, supportive and judgement free zone. I attended when it was in person so I cannot speak on how the distance learning would be, but I definitely recommend the program, they teach what is being used the most in the industry for web development and what you more likely will end up using once you get your first tech job, all I learned from Alchemy is what I use every day at work. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the team projects assigned are a great way to get prepared on how collaborating in a professional setting will be.