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Andrea Sensi

CyberCamp's training course was an amazing experience that helped me improve my knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. The instructor was very well prepared, kind, and helpful and also the curriculum of the course was perfect. Thanks to the course I got to know many other students interested in the information security world just like myself, and working with them in group exercises was useful and fun. The numerous practical exercises have been very useful to consolidate the theoretical concepts and allowed me to learn and a large number of techniques and methodologies in this area (from Linux fundamentals to OWASP TOP 10). I recommend taking the course for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of cybersecurity, whether you already know something about it or completely new to this area.

Silvio Russo

I'm very glad to have taken part in CyberCamp's course. It was just what I was looking for. I had just finished my degree in Computer Engineering and I've always been fascinated by the cybersecurity world. At the university, I received only theoretical knowledge in this field and I wasn't ready at all to start a cybersecurity carrier. Through this course, I had the opportunity to understand everything about networking and Kali Linux before I deep dive into the cybersecurity world. It was amazing to have exercises involving many tools that are used by companies all over the world to perform penetration testing. When I had some problems with new subjects, I always found a solution with the help of my colleagues and, overall, of our brilliant instructor. I recommend this course to all those who want to start their journey in the cybersecurity world.

Gianfranco Sapia

I took CyberCamp's course and I can say it has been amazing from the start until the end! The first two topics of the course were Linux and Networking - very well taught by the teacher. Then, we started the main focus of the course: Cybersecurity. The various topics have been explained very clearly. Our instructor was great. He has always been kind and gave support every time someone needed it. I totally recommend this course for those who are interested to start their journey in the Cybersecurity domain.

Alberto Spadoni

I am very proud to have attended this interesting and stimulating course. It gave me the basis to improve my abilities in Linux system administration, networking, and penetration testing. The thing I enjoyed most was the teaching model. In fact, it wasn’t just a set of long lectures but a combination of theory followed by tons of real-world and challenging exercises to be solved by the students themselves. I highly recommend taking a CyberCamp course to anyone who wants to enter the Cybersecurity world in an efficient and innovative way.